East Greenwich Historic Preservation Society

Mission / Purpose

The East Greenwich Historic Preservation Society is a community focused local history organization that has provided free monthly speakers, research, exhibits, events and other activities since 1967 when it was founded to thoughtfully preserve the historic fabric of East Greenwich. We welcome all with an interest in history, local or otherwise, to our entirely volunteer organization. Find a home for your history passion project or volunteer with us to enhance the appreciation of historic East Greenwich.‚Äč

Operating Year: June 2024 - May 2025

Board of Directors
President: Thomas Plunkett
Vice President: Jen Suellentrop
Secretary: Virginia Schmidt Parker
Treasurer: Susan Curado
Historian: Mr. Matt Donald Carcieri
Member at Large: Renu Englehart
Member at Large: Terry Romano
Member at Large: Karin Pierson Lukowicz
Member at Large: Gloria De Paola
Member at Large: Chip Bennett
Member at Large: Rachel Peirce
Officers & Committees
Programs & Publicity: Gloria De Paola
Membership: Terry Romano
Property Management: Thomas Plunkett
Hospitality: Susan Curado
Newsletter: Marion Helwig
Obituary Files: KarenLu LaPolice
Archives: Rachel Peirce
Assistant Treasurer: Kenneth Sebesta
Fire Safety: Karin Pierson Lukowicz

Meeting Info

Meetings/speaker opportunities are generally held once a month from September through June and are free and open to the public. While the day of the week may vary, the meetings are generally at 7:30 pm.