East Greenwich Historic Preservation Society

Founding Families of East Greenwich

Founders Rock with the names of the early settlers of East Greenwich 

Founders Memorial Rock at the Old Kent County Jail, 110 King Street. 
Erected 1977 on a boulder from the Fry Farm. 

A number of descendants of the Founders and Early Settlers of the Town of East Greenwich attended a Dedication Service to honor their forbears on October 31st 1977. 


It was exactly 300 years from that day in 1677 when 48 men were awarded 5,000 acres of land in recognition of services performed during King Philip's War. Not all of these men actually accepted their privilege of drawing farms and house lots. Following are the early settlers of East Greenwich (asterisk denotes an original grantee): 

John Albro, Thomas Aldrich, William Allen, John Andrew, John Aylesworth, Hugh Bailey, Benjamin Barton, James Barton, Samuel Bennett, Thomas Brayton, John Briggs, *Henry Brightman, James Brown, Jeremiah Brown, Nicholas Carr, Joshua Coggeshall, John Cory, Joshua Davis, William Davis, *Thomas Dungan, John Fones, John Foster, *Thomas Fry, Henry Gardiner, William Gibson, Roger Goulding, Lt. John Greene, Matthew Grinnel, William Hamilton, Charles Hazelton, *John Heath, Ezekiel Hunt, Elisha Johnson, Josiah Jones, John Knight, *Richard Knight, Sarah Knight, Thomas Lillibridge, *Philip Long, *Charles Macarte, John Manchester, Henry Matteson, Thomas Matteson, Peter Mony, *Thomas Nichols, John Odlin, *Giles Peirce, *John Pearce (mason), Henry Reynolds, John Rice, *Edward Richmond, Marke Roberts, David Shippee, John Smith, John Soule, *John Spencer, *John Sanford, Samuel Stafford, Daniel Stanton, John Stanton, Henry Straight, James Sweet, Edward Thurston, Henry Tibbitts, Pardon Tillinghast, William Underwood, *Daniel Vaughn, *George Vaughn, Samuel Waite, William Wanton, Thomas Waterman, Sgt. Clement Weaver, *Clement Weaver, Thomas Weaver, *William Wilbore, John Wood, Thomas Wood
Close up of the Founder's Rock
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